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Flat one has 3 bedrooms, L shaped living room/dining room/fold out sofa, bathroom with seperate wc, large balcony and air conditioning, sleeps 6-8 people, CD/Radio player and DVD player with monitor. Own garage. Only one flat is rented at a time if the whole villa isn't rented as a whole to maximise privacy.  

flat 1 View from balcony

                              flat 1 living room

Flat 1 living room

flat 1 dining room

 flat 1 balcony

flat 1 kitchen

flat 1 kitchen

                              flat 1 Kitchen view

                                flat 1 Shower                                                         

                                flat 1 Bedroom 1

flat 1 Bedroom 2

                              flat 1 Bedroom 3

Kitchens are fully equipped with hobs, fridge/freezers, microwaves and ovens in flats 1,2 & 3. All flats have their own washing machine.
There is a rigid pool and additional terraces. Parking is on the property. WIFI access point available.